Recognizing the importance of technology in a world that’s rapidly moving towards sustainable thinking and processes, Techwire formed a crack team of techno-creatives to innovate high quality, high performance software products that can be used for multiple purposes by multiple users. We provide our valued clients with the latest in Enterprise Windows Applications, Enterprise Web and Mobility Solutions, User Interface Design and Experience Management Systems, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


Our techno-creative team is highly motivated to reverse many trends and create small, smart software products that will help human beings be human and not afterthoughts in the mainstream of development and life.



Moving in the opposite direction to populist ideas of what flies and what dies, we drill deep into your requirements and map them against tech essentials required to respond in the best manner. If you feel that your need can be best met with a highly creative, tailored combo of hardware and software, you can be assured that we have one of the best teams in Sri Lanka to engineer that for you.

"Expose to the world as a leading IT brand."

Provide the best breed premium IT solutions to our clients by facilitating businesses through innovative technologies to produce high quality products beyond their business dreams. "What We Serve You Is What You Exactly Need”


Introducing many ground-breaking solutions with an array of services, products and innovative approaches, we have achieved a lot within a very short period of time. The journey continues paving the path for many more successful endeavors.

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