PROMIS (E-Procurement Management System)
Product Overview
PROMIS (E-Procurement Management System) a cloud-based comprehensive solution developed and implemented by Techwirelanka (Pvt) Ltd, for the users of Ceylon Electricity Board by covering all the capacities and procedures of procurement. It streamlines everything in the procurement process, exactly why procurement professionals of the industry appreciate the product. Also, the procurement management system provides powerful tools that help to save money on purchases, improve the timeliness of the purchasing process and eliminate waste. The system is capable enough to avoid allowing poor quality goods for lower costs, providing unclear specifications and requirements, improper supplier assessment, lack of transparency, unclear procurement functions, accidental orders, lack of accurate data within the procurement management process. PROMIS E- Procurement Management System is a custom-built sophisticated product developed using modern technologies which is customizable, flexible and user friendly.
The success story of PROMIS is the deep system analysis that has been done before developing the E- Procurement Management System. The comprehensive solution provides a full suite of functions and features for improved procurement management by automating procurement, procurement tasks management including all the approval paths using the system, administrative and inventory functions and the system has the capacity to provide statistical reports dynamically in order to support the better decision making of the management which helps to achieve the strategic goals of organizations.
Operational efficiency and effectiveness of procurement management staff, enhanced information integrity, reduce transcription and duplication errors and reduce cost has significantly resulted through practicing the PROMIS E- Procurement system by Ceylon Electricity Board.
PROMIS is compromised with Microsoft Platform for the development of the project ASP.NET. a dynamic platform provides high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet- connected applications also Microsoft structured query language used for the web application, services and for the mobile application backend developments.


.PROMIS  E-Procurement  Management  system  is  one  of  the  best  custom  built  and  expensive  procurement management systems in Sri Lanka which was developed and deployed by Techwirelanka (Pvt) Ltd and the system is compromised with Microsoft development platform in order to ensure high availability, compatibility, functionality,  flexibility,  maintainability also  Microsoft  structured  query  language  has  been  used  for  the  web application, services and for mobile application backend developments.

The manual procurement contains a lot of tasks that are repeated for each procurement event, internal procurement documents  approval,  negotiations  with  suppliers.  Creating  similar  documents  and  also  previously  maintained repetitive tasks will be time consuming for the procurement department when going for the same approver over and over again. Urgent purchasing is not easily performed in manual procurement management systems due to the different  department  dependence  and  the  slowness  of  the  approvers.  These  activities  may  increase  the organizational cost by increasing the number of required resources in the procurement department. Since many groups are involved in the procurement management process this will lead to a loss of control and visibility on the overall process. In the manual procurement process all reports will also be created manually, when it is a huge challenge to do the entry for all performed processes, and to handle it in all the different ways to produce the required  outcome  and  the  information  security  cannot  be  maintained  properly.  Tracking  and  monitoring  the communication channels and responsible persons can make a huge burden in an organizations manual process and also the paper procurement process needs a huge effort to control the documents and keep track of the achieved ones, older documents may usually lost and following up currently open ones is considerably challenging in a manual procurement management process. PROMIS E-Procurement Management System is capable enough to perform the manual and existing processes more efficiently and simpler by harnessing complicated and complex processes  in  appropriate  manner  and  serve  the  best  automated  procurement  management  experience  to  the organization. PROMIS is definitely “HUMAN CENTERED & MODERNIZED AT ALL LEVELS” The system is  wrapped  up  budget  management,  purchase  request  management,  quotations  and  submission  management, timeline tracking, tender management, store management, payment management, indent management furthermore with a comprehensive reporting section which the strategic users can dynamically retrieve any reports according to their preference using different parameters to help the strategic decision making and to achieve the objectives and goals in an organization. Also it will lead to minimum cost of stationeries, also less human involvement with minimized 0% human errors and which saves a lot of money and time of the procurement process.